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Do you have a crack!ship for Lorelai, and who is it?


Seriously. I love Lorelai, but for a woman who waited how many years to get married - stopping every opportunity - she got quick feet at the end to do it. And then she was even considerate to the man who was, for once, in her shoes to wait.

I get it in the sense that she loved Luke, and she wanted to marry him. But Lorelai of all people knows that life keeps going even when people aren’t ready for it. And she should have waited her turn this time.


100% agree. They had to break them up because it was first season and her getting married would have destroyed the show premise, but they made a mistake by introducing such a perfect match for Lorelei in season one.

I wouldn’t say they broke them up simply because it was the first to second season of the show. Lorelai also had ah-mazing chemistry with Luke since the pilot. For me, watching Lorelai with Max, yes, I agree that they had some chemistry between them, but it almost felt forced sometimes, especially towards the end. 

But the chemistry between Luke? A man she didn’t consider being attracted to because he was a member of Stars Hollow and her coffee bearer, it was there all the time without Lorelai realizing. With Luke, it was natural. With Max, it was there as an attraction, but not a meant to be romance.

Lorelai later said she never really loved Max. She wanted to, but she didn’t. Luke was the man she had there all this time, and it was the man that she was fell in love with. That’s why the heartbreak was so bad. And why they reconciled at the end. 

I think Lorelai and Luke’s love story points to the idea that sometimes love is right in front of you, but sometimes you’re just too busy looking somewhere else in the distance to notice. You gotta stop and smell the… coffee. :D

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