Javajunkies in Parallel - Season 1 and Season 5.

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Actually no, this was a perfectly justified reaction from Lorelai. Rory could’ve died, she could’ve been paralyzed, anything could’ve happened. So she had every right to be scared, mad and have every other feeling in the book. The thing is though, that it was paired with her totally unfounded dislike and condescension of Jess as a person and as Rory’s friend. Lorelai never liked Jess, she never bothered to get to know him. And yes, Jess was a jackass when they first met, and yes, he wasn’t the warmest after that either, but Lorelai’s love of Dean “the good guy” and saying stuff like “If Dean would’ve driven this would never have happened”, and hating on Jess because he was Jess, made me absolutely disgusted and so, so angry. She was extremely judgemental, which I think it’s a bit hilarious considering that’s exactly what she hated most about her parents, them being judgemental. So no, her reaction was totally expected and completely fine - but the hating on Jess and putting all of her previous disdain and general “he’s a bad seed”-ness on him was totally not okay. Especially since she was so blind to all of Dean’s flaws.

I do agree that her reaction was justified. She’s a mom! Any mom would probably go a little crazy if they learned that their child was in a car accident. I know my mom would. Plus, she saw that it was only her child that was in the hospital - the person driving the car wasn’t there at all. Her kid was hurt, but the one driving - the one responsible - wasn’t even in the building even if he had made sure the passenger was sent to the hospital.

But I also think it was completely understandable and in character for Lorelai to go off and blame Jess for everything. She hates Jess. She doesn’t trust him, and she thinks he’s bad news. She doesn’t want Rory to have anything to do with him. 

She was blind to Dean’s flaws, you say. Yes, she was. But she was also blind as to why she hated Jess. She didn’t realize that she hated him not because of who he was, but because she was exactly like him at that age. It was like a gender-bender reflection going on, but she didn’t know it. 

She loved Dean because Dean was Stars Hollow. He represented the life she went after. The simpler life where judgments only came because your neighbor truly cared about you as a person. A tight-knot community where everyone was friends. Dean was willing to do little fixes around the house - just like Luke did for her around the house. Growing up, her mother hired people to do that. She had neighbors who were willing to do it just because they cared enough about making sure there was a light to brighten up your front porch at night. 

Lorelai was angry at Jess that night because she probably would have been the one to cause the accident just like he did. It was all a coincidental accident, but it would have been Chris’ parents that would have yelled and screamed about how it was Lorelai’s fault. Lorelai’s fault that Chris didn’t go to college, that his life was ruined.

Lorelai is more like her own mother than she realizes, and I think that’s one of the under-the-surface conflicts of the show.

So yeah… tl;dr. That’s why I think it’s justifiable that she blamed Jess for everything. Everything was always her fault, too. 

Gilmore Girls: Question of the Day

If you could have played a character on the show, who would it be?

Gilmore Girls: Question of the Day

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The dinner’s off.

  • LORELAI: I went with him to his sister's wedding, and it was really nice. We had a really good time. We laughed a lot, and we ate, and then we danced.
  • RORY: Danced? How?
  • LORELAI: We pop-locked.
  • RORY: Was it a fast dance, slow dance, group dance?
  • LORELAI: It was a slow dance. What is "group dance?"
  • RORY: The hustle, the hora.
  • LORELAI: No hustle, no hora. It was a slow dance -- a waltz. Luke can waltz.
  • RORY: Luke can waltz?!
  • LORELAI: Luke can waltz.
  • RORY: Look how you just said, "Luke can waltz."
  • LORELAI: What, I'm just saying, I'm surprised that Luke can waltz.
  • RORY: That sounded more like, "I'm surprised I still have my clothes on."
  • LORELAI: Oh, stop.